Category: Process Subcategory: Plasma Etch, Ashing, Desum, RIE & ICP
Process Type: ICP
Manufacturer: STS Model: STS ASE ICP Multiplex
Equipment Name: 19543 Configuration: 150mm
Year: 2000 Condition: Excellent
Quantity: 1 Availability: Immediate, In Stock
STS ICP High Rate (ASE) Advanced Silicon Etch Multiplex System Manual load lock He Backside Cooling 150mm clamp configuration ENI 300/30 Watt 13.56MHz RF power supply 3KW 13.56MHz RF Upper Electrode power supply Leybold Mag 2000CT Turbo pump Leybold Mag Drive Controller OnBoard gas panel - 4 MFCs MAC Cassette to Cassette Loader can be an option 208V, 60Hz, 50A 3 phase
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