Category: Metrology Subcategory: Thin Film Measurement
Manufacturer: Opti-Probe Model: Thermo-wave 3290
Equipment Name: Serial number 3111 Configuration: 8"
Year: Condition: Excellent
Quantity: 1 Availability: Immediate, In Stock
Therma-Wave Opti-Probe 3290 DUV Thin film measurement. Configured for 4 to 8 inch wafers Serial number 3111 Software revision 3.0K14 Compatible with wafers ranging from 4- to 8-inches Two cassette loader stations System supports Beam Profile Reflectrometry (BPR) and Beam Profile Ellipsometry (BPE) modes BPR (Beam Profile Reflectometry : thick dielectric films > 500A) BPE (Beam Profile Ellipsometry : thin dielectric films < 500A) Has a 675 nm thermoelectrically cooled diode laser used to establish the optical parameter in BPR/BPE mode A 450 to 840 nm tungsten halogen lamp for the spectrometry mode. Spectrometry (High Index films : C-Si, Poly-Si, A-Si) Spot size (0.9 micron) Single recipes Long-life light sources Capable of measuring a wide range of optical Parameters inlcuding: 1.) Film thickness of multiple layers 2.) Wide range of thick and thin films 3.) Wide range of Index of refractions 4.) Extinction coefficient and reflectivity measurements 5.) Multi-layer and multi-parameter measurements on thin ONO and OPO film stacks
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