Category: Facilities Subcategory: Gas Cabinets
Manufacturer: Matheson - Semi Gas Model: DiClorsilane-Methane-Nitrogen
Equipment Name: Configuration: Three Cylinder gas Cabinet
Year: Condition: Excellent
Quantity: 1 Availability: In Stock, Immediately
(3) tank Diclorsilane-Methane-N2 gas cabinet,Single tanks of each with, Single N2 tank for purge,scale for Diclorsilane tank,Auto Purge M -5 valve controller on the Diclorsilane and Methane tanks, manual purge on the N2 tank,Two five valve gas panels with digital flow readouts,One purge gas panel,Scale on one process gas, Can be supplied with MPC [Multi Purge Controller] or MCU [Manual Control Unit] Was used for Diclorsilane and Methane [Can be changed to other gases]
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