Category: Process Subcategory: Plasma Etch, Ashing, Desum, RIE & ICP
Manufacturer: STS Model: Multiplex RIE
Equipment Name: 03642 Configuration:
Year: 2001, , , Condition: Excellent
Quantity: 1 Availability: In Stock, Immediately
Pricing: Call for Pricing Movie:
Standard RIE (Reactive Ion Etch) MESC Multiplex,Intellimetrics end-point detector,ENI ACG3G 300/30 watt(13.56 MHz) RF power supply & matching network,6" configuration, non-clamp system with DI water cooled chuck (+5 to -40 degrees C),load lock,remote gas box (O2,Ar,CF4, CHF3),Pfeiffer TH521 PC turbo
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