Category: Process Subcategory: Plasma Etch, Ashing, Desum, RIE & ICP
Manufacturer: Plasmatherm Model: SLR 720 RIE Plasmatherm
Equipment Name: Plasmatherm PTI 76510F Configuration:
Year: June 1992, Condition: Very Good
Quantity: 1 Availability: In Stock, Immediately
Pricing: Call for Pricing Movie:
Plasmatherm Reactive Ion Etcher Plasma Shuttle-Lock load-lock loading system with platen transfer Model 700 Al Chamber with 11” RIE substrate electrode and upper showerhead electrode,Z80 controller (upgrade to PC software is an option)MKS 286 controller,MKS Ion gauge controller 290,RF generator,MKS 252 exhaust valve controller,Stroke Vane Pump – Model 017-24,Leybold 361C turbo,gas distribution center w/(6) MKS mass flows installed- N2,O2,Clorine,Sufur Hexafluoride,Freon 14,Freon 23, Full set of Plasmatherm software, Pumps for process and load lock included, Chiller
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