Category: Process Subcategory: Plasma Etch, Ashing, Desum, RIE & ICP
Manufacturer: Plasmatherm Model: PT530 PECVD Plasmatherm
Equipment Name: Plasmatherm 86-11 Configuration:
Year: 1986, Condition: Good
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Pricing: Call for Pricing Movie:
Plasmatherm PECVD Deposition System RF Plasma Product Model HFS-801S RF power supply (800W-13.56Mhz) with RF Plasma Products model AMN-501 500w-13.56, RF Plasma Products Mode SEV1DC DC power supply (DC bias),Vacuum general Model 80-6A and 80-2 pressure controller, Leybold model 28725 V3,(5) process gases Silane, Nitrous Oxide, nitrogen, Nitrogen. 208V 3 phase
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